Burglaries in Southern Windward Islands Increase During Dinner Hours

Think twice before heading ashore in these areas or make sure you have some indestructible locks on hand.

Over the last two months, several reports have been received from yachts in the Southern Windwards who have been burgled while ashore for dinner. The Caribbean Safety & Security Net reports that there has been speculation that, in certain anchorages, someone watches from shore to see which boats are vacated during the dinner hour and those boats are then targeted. This is not a new phenomenon, but four in one month is a record (as reported to the Caribbean Safety & Security Net in May). Yachts visiting those anchorages where this seems to be a frequent occurrence should consider leaving someone on board or leaving lights and/or a radio/CD player running, or anchoring farther from shore. It goes without saying that conversations about going out to dinner (or leaving the boat for any reason) should not take place on the VHF radio.

Anchorages include:
Bequia-Princes Margaret Beach
Mayreau-Salt-Whistle Bay
St. Vincent-Wallilabou Bay
St. Vincent-Blue Lagoon
St. Vincent-Young Island

Courtesy of www.noonsite.com.

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