Who’s in Newport Harbor? RIYachting Lets You Know with Live AIS

RIYachting.com has launched a new widget on their website with live AIS info listing who is in Newport Harbor. While we understand the curiosity seekers who are interested in knowing which boats are heading in or who that megayacht is across the harbor, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s kind of creepy. Now, through the miracle of the Internet, anyone in the world see where you are. On the bright side, if there’s a cool boat in town that you want to check out, you can see if it’s at the dock before you head down for a visit. But if you have AIS on board and you don’t want everyone up in your business, you should shut it down when you’re heading into Newport Harbor. And if you called in “sick” to head out on the water, you’re definitely going to want to shut it off so your boss doesn’t know what you’re up to.

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