New Version of iSailor Features Major Advances

The most prominent feature on the new version of Transas iSailor is that it is able to export and import routes and tracks in KML format. This makes it possible to view tracks and routes created in Transas iSailor directly on Google maps.

The chart rendering system has also been significantly improved. Users may now zoom and pan with a high speed while not compromising the quality of graphic representation.

Together with the software release, Transas has extended the range of chart folios available for download. New folios cover coastal waters of all of Europe including the Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and North Sea. Transas has also released charts for Canada.

Transas is committed to providing high quality charts with the current basic chart folios are created from official hydrographical data only and might not contain detailed coastal information. However, these basic folios will be updated regularly as Transas strives to provide more detailed and most up to date charts for safe and enjoyable passages. The release of a software version with free charts updates is planned for the near future, and everybody who purchases the folios will get updated and complemented charts for free.

When installing Transas iSailor on both iPhone and iPad, there is no need to purchase the same chart’s folio twice. Once bought, it can be used on both devices.

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