GOST NT Evolution

The GOST NT Evolution combines the GOST Nav-Tracker and Marine Magellan systems to provide boat security, monitoring and tracking in a single unit. NT Evolution uses a third-generation tracking website that incorporates advanced Google Earth interface and uses Immarsat network of satellites for ultra reliability. The result is an ideal solution for boaters with limited living/bunking space who want to bury the unit and rely on key fobs. The system can accommodate up to 32 wireless sensors, a hardwired zone input, 16 key fob remotes and eight wireless relays, which can control AC or DC functions onboard the vessel. The GOST NT Evolution package includes the GOST NT Evolution control unit, two key fob remote controls, antenna, 30-foot antenna cable, a six-foot power cable and covert antenna mounting bracket. For more information, go to www.gostglobal.com.

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