Standard Horizon CPN Series

Standard Horizon’s CPN series helps cruisers navigate safely to their destination while giving them something to do along the way. CPN plotters come with built in Wi-Fi, multi-media capabilities, USB and Bluetooth technology, Ethernet networking, XM Weather overlay, and an easy-to-use touch screen display. Sailors can stream live music or video, check and reply to email, watch movies, and get up-to-date weather conditions with XM Weather overlay. The CPN series has built-in detailed charts for coastal navigation, and users can share radar, user-created points and cartography information between two CPN series plotters on the high speed Ethernet network. The CPN Series comes in two versions–the compact CPN700i with 7″ display or the larger CPN1010i with a 10.2″ display. Both are equipped with internal 50-channel WAAS GPS receivers and a connection for an optional external GPS antenna. For more information, go to

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