Jamestown Distributors Launches Mobile Web Site

Sailing tips and gear just got easier to access. In an effort to be more accessible and helpful to the boating community, Jamestown Distributors has launched a mobile version of its website allowing BlackBerry, iPhone and Droid users the same great content served up in a mobile device format. Now users can easily access their products, videos and how-to information from any small-screen mobile device.

“People are increasingly using mobile devices to access the Internet, and the Jamestown mobile website will enable boaters to research our online catalog and technical information when it’s most convenient for them – whether that is on their boat or in their workshop,” said Dan Gendreau, head of web marketing at Jamestown Distributors.

The mobile website is designed to offer all the features of the full website, including Verisign secure shopping, robust search capabilities and access to all of the technical information. Compatible with most major-name smartphones, users will be able to quickly browse all of the categories, place orders and research products conveniently. The mobile version of Jamestown’s website is automatically opened by visiting the same URL as Jamestown’s regular website, www.jamestowndistributors.com, via a mobile device.

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