World’s Biggest Battens?

A set of battens, the largest of which measures 24m, has been delivered by rigging specialists Marine Results to the Mirabella V. The battens are now fitted into a brand new  16,760 sq. ft. mainsail, supplied by Doyle Sails, which was used for the first time in March when Mirabella raced at the St. Barths Bucket super-yacht regatta.

The team at Marine Results designed the necessary specification and then called in engineers who were able to design the fabrication of the battens, numbering 12 in total (six and six spare). The battens were tubular and made of high-strength carbon-fiber in an epoxy resin matrix. Because of their length they had to be transported in lengths under 12m and were then joined together on site. The diameters of the battens varied -  the top batten was 72mm diameter and the bottom batten 93mm diameter.

Jon Morris of Marine Results, who led the project, commented “We believe these are the longest sail battens ever made, so it was quite a challenge to ensure that we could meet Mirabella’s brief, which quite simply stated that a tough structure was needed which was not prone to breakage. With the help of our engineering partners we have delivered to specification.”

Completed in 2004 and still the largest single-masted yacht in the world, Mirabella measures 247  ft. and her mast stands 292 ft. high from the water, that’s just 50 ft. short of the length of a premier league football pitch.

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