Get Paid for Rocking the Boat

If you’re tired of your desk job, want to do something more rewarding or just want to get into a field that you’re passionate about, we think this job at Rocking the Boat in the Bronx looks pretty darn fun.

The boatbuilding program director organizes and supervises Rocking the Boat’s after school and summer boatbuilding program. This job is first and foremost one of an experiential educator, not a craftsperson, and successful applicants will be able to demonstrate their commitment to alternative forms of education. The program director works daily with a group of high school aged students, introducing them to a range of wooden boatbuilding skills, and supervises former student program assistants. The boatbuilding program director works collaboratively with a social worker and the on‐water program director to help empower young people as they transition out of high school and into their adult lives. The position is also responsible for working with the boatbuilding job skills program director to source lumber, fix and replace tools, and
manage the daily running of the boatbuilding shop.

For more details on the job and how to apply, go to

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