Safety First! Night Navigator Helps Prevent Marine Life Collisions

Current Corporation has successfully tested their Night Navigator 3 with a thermal optical dual field of view of 20° and 6.8° (25 micron pitch), and Night Navigator 3 with a thermal optical dual field of view of 13.8° and 4.6° (17 micron pitch) to prove that ships can detect whale spouts at great distances. The spouting was simulated on a barge with the water (a combination of sea and fresh water at mammal and ocean temps) shooting 3 to 6 meters in the air and tested various distances ranging from 100 to 2,000 meters away. With both the daytime and nighttime thermal imaging, the Night Navigator 3 was able to see the spouting. The importance of this technology is to protect both the marine life from being hurt and the boaters from seriously damaging their boats and being harmed.

The testing was overseen by Professor Joe Mobley, PhD, MA, Professor, of the University of Hawaii, a leading expert in whale research, who validated the results. “I’ve been presented with a lot of papers, proposals and products over the years and have never seen what was demonstrated to me in Vancouver by Current Corporation”.

We can think of a few round the world racers who could have used this technology in recent months. For more information, go to

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