Gutek Finally Headed to Charleston to Join Fellow Velux Skippers

Zbigniew “Gutek” Gutkowski is continuing to make good progress as he sails north through the Atlantic to join the rest of the Velux 5 Oceans fleet in Charleston, USA. The 36-year-old Pole was forced to stop in Fortaleza, Brazil, after a number of breakages onboard his yacht Operon Racing as well as suffering from broken ribs. But after setting sail again on Thursday, Gutek has made steady progress north and by Saturday he was back in the Northern Hemisphere, the tenth time he has crossed the Equator. Gutek had been eight miles across the Equator when he was forced to turn back to Fortaleza.

“I’m doing about 10 to 11 knots quite consistently, which gives me a theoretical time of 11 days to Charleston,” Gutek told the Velux 5 Oceans team on Saturday. “Again I am at sea when all my family are together for holidays, but that is racing.”

Gutek celebrated Easter at sea with a special chocolate egg given to him by fellow competitor Chris Stanmore-Major during the Punta del Este stopover. He has around 2,300 miles left to sail to the finish line in Charleston.

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