Conanicut Marine Leads by Example as a “Green” Marina

If you are searching for an eco-friendly marina in RI, look no further than Conanicut Marine Services in Jamestown. Since 1974, when Bill Munger purchased the marina–well-ahead of when others even considered being eco-friendly–he has been committed to ensuring that his marina was built and operated with the good of the planet in mind.

“Since 1974, Conanicut Marine Services Inc. has spent significant dollars enhancing an environmentally friendly marina and boatyard facility through ongoing infrastructure
improvements, best management practices and employee training,” Munger said in the March issue of Marina Dock Age. “Although boatyards have been slow to embrace the concepts of clean boatyards and environmentally friendly facilities, I have been doing this all my life.”

Some of the efforts that Conanicut Marina partakes in include an extensive recycling program, doing all repair work at indoor sites to keep all debris out of the environment, installing air compressor units to reduce VOCs in the paint shop, and installing a closed loop collection system for wastewater that is properly hauled away. The marina also asks all customers, employees and sub-contractors to make the same commitment to the environment when making agreements to use or work at the facility.

Even if you aren’t nearby, you can still follow Conanicut Marine’s example by following their recommended clean boating tips. A complete list is available at For more information about the marina, go to

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