ALEXSEAL Yacht Coatings – Superior Performing Products

There are many highly technical terms that can be used to describe why ALEXSEAL should grace your boat’s hull, and we can’t disclose the specific ingredients of our proprietary formulation.  But, even if our ground-breaking formula were to find its way into competitors’ hands, they would still not be able to provide an equally performing product.  Like baking a cake, our recipe depends as much upon how the ingredients are put together as it does on the ingredients themselves.  The process of making paint is obviously more complex than cake baking, but the analogy holds:  the same ingredients prepared in any other way than the method our chemists meticulously developed over many years will not result in ALEXSEAL, nor produce the physical characteristics for which ALEXSEAL is winning praise.  ALEXSEAL is not just a proprietary formula; it is also a proprietary manufacturing process. Find out more online at

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