Breymaier is First American to Finish BWR

The Barcelona World Race’s sole American competitor, Ryan Breymaier of Annapolis, MD, finished the race on Sunday with a time of 100 days, 3 hours, 13 minutes, and 25 seconds. This was Breymaier’s first circumnavigation, and he was accompanied by German co-skipper Boris Herrmann aboard Team Neutrogena in this fifth place finish out of 14 boats. They were also the third team to finish the race without making any stops. Their finish makes Breymaier the first American to ever finish the Barcelona World Race and Herrmann the first German to ever complete a non-stop circumnavigation race and to finish an IMOCA Open 60 race.

The race was not uneventful for the duo, who had some close battles with their experienced competitors and were tested with repairs of their autopilot hydraulics, hydrogenerators, headstay, and a water ballast pipe in addition to having one of their key sails go overboard during a broach in rough seas only to find it after giving up hope when they saw some albatross taking a rest on it bobbing in the water.

“This has been a very interesting experience and I’ve learned a lot about myself.  Though it was a competition, it was also an experience in other ways and has been super valuable for me in terms of my personal growth,” says Breymaier.

He adds, “Hopefully the media exposure that this has gotten in the United States can create a new generation of young people from that side of the pond who are interested in this kind of endeavor. As for completing a race like this in the future, I generally try not to repeat things in my life, I try to do other things all the time; as I’m more interested by a new challenge, but given the right opportunity with the right boat and the right partner, it’s certainly a possibility.”

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