Swan Song: ClubSwan Carribbean Rendezvous

Twenty-six Swans ranging from the Swan 44 to the Swan 82 gathered at the Bitter End Yacht Club for the 8th edition of the ClubSwan Caribbean Rendezvous. The Rendezvous included a Laser regatta, a Hobie regatta, a few fun races and some more competitive ones as well as a lot of swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. On ClubSwan Open Day, most of the fleet moored on the docks, where all involved were able to view the other models and talk about the various special features each Swan exhibits.

Of course there was a lot of fun off the water too with cocktail receptions, dinners, a wine tasting offered by Sonoma Cutrer, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and awards ceremonies. The Race Committee special prizes for the fleet included a chart for Vicky Layfield from Sleeper, a Swan 48 who had repeatedly asked for the course to check where to go; bowline instruction kits for David Fraiser from Clover III, a Swan 56 and Tony Bessinger from Glisse, a Swan 62, both of whom had lost their dinghies during the week; and a special mention for the crew aboard Missy, a Swan 66 who had radioed the Race Committee to inform them that they would be flying their spinnaker and using the non-spinnaker rating!  They also asked if the Race Committee would be kind enough to tow their dinghy.

In addition to the fun awards, the highly coveted “Spirit of Swan” Award was presented by Nautor’s Swan Board members to the crew of Godot, a Swan 66 from Norway.  Godot had sailed the week with a wonderful philosophy of fun with competitive spirit with three couples and a number of children onboard, all of whom were involved in sailing the boat.  The Swan Owners Association of America presented the award for Best Boat to Twanette Tharp’s Glisse, a Swan 62 following an intensive judging afternoon.

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