Luxury Yacht Company Creates Green Solution

Why didn’t we think of this? Hopefully it will be downsized and implemented on smaller boats soon. Megayacht company Paracas Yachts has patented a hydro-electric regeneration technology that uses the sails of a large boat to actively generate huge quantities of electrical power. As the megayacht is moving at full speed via its sails, the captain can press a switch and harness the momentum in two specially-designed hydro-electric turbines in the boat’s hulls,  minimizing drag and regenerating up to 360kw an hour.

While luxury yachts and eco-friendly design haven’t typically gone hand in hand, Paracas Yachts’ hired Andre Aisner, an experienced architect and sailor who designed the yacht from top to bottom paying close attention to detail, and William Ray, an electrical engineer and former NASA contractor to design this “green” system. Much like the electrical cars that are now being available to the public, the yachts use a battery bank instead of a fuel tank. The latest technology in lithium-ion battery design allow for the large electrical current outputs and inputs that are necessary for the Paracas Yachts system.

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