Mirabaud Dismasts in Barcelona World Race

Dismasted Mirabaud is under engine as crew rides out the worst of a storm that should pass over them in the next few hours. Though the mast broke near the top, above the third set of spreaders, it seems that in the end they were unable to stabilize the broken section,  which after time took away some of the lower spreaders and turned the whole lot into a dangerous, twisted mess.

In the end it was decided by Dominique Wavre and Michèle Paret to bring the mast down in a more controlled fashion. This procedure accounted for some broken stanchions, but otherwise the boat itself is largely undamaged.

The duo have been successful in saving the boom, which will be used to set a jury rig when the weather and their energies allow. Then they would expect to sail towards Argentina.

They have been in regular touch with Marcel Van Trieste who has advised them of the more favorable route to pass the storm in as best conditions as possible while taking into account their probable course to Argentina.

According to reports the morale of the duo remains positive. Shore manager Magali Paret, who is in contact with them all the time, says they have been focused entirely on making the boat safe and have not had time to consider what has happened to them. Michèle Paret  who is still recovering from an anemic condition, is taking full part in the procedures. They were making a course of 250 degrees.

For the complete story, go to www.barcelonaworldrace.com.

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