CA Fish Kill Deemed “Natural Selection”

The good news is that CNN is reporting that the massive fish kill last week in Redondo Beach, CA is not the result of any toxins in the water. The bad news is that it costs a lot of money to clean up and we sure wouldn’t want to be one of the people who had their boat surrounded by thousands of dead sardines.

CNN Reports:

A southern California fish kill that authorities identified as “millions” of sardines is not the result of any environmental foul play but rather is the product of natural forces, officials said Tuesday.

Floating fish were so pervasive in King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach that some moored boats seemed surrounded not by water but by the lifeless aquatic animals a foot deep.

“All evidence points to oxygen deprivation as cause of death,” California Department of Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Hughan told CNN. ”There is no oil sheen, nor is there a chemical sheen.”

Redondo Beach Police Sgt. Phil Keenan said authorities are confident of test results showing that oxygen deprivation caused the massive fish kill because the other part of the sardine school is alive and well in the mouth of the harbor.

Keenan said the floating fish are a foot deep, and clean-up boats will spend the next few days removing the silvery animals by net.

“Part of the sardine school is out in the channel of the harbor and they’re doing fine,” Keenan told CNN. “For some reason, this large school of sardines got chased into the harbor — and they died off.”

Authorities said that the sardines likely sought calm waters inside the 1,400-vessel marina Monday evening when winds were gusting up to 45 mph and the waters were rough.

“They like to follow each other and it only takes one to come in before the others follow,” Brent Scheiwe, program director of the SEA Lab, a hands-on coastal science education center in Redondo Beach, told reporters at a press conference Tuesday.

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