Tsunami News from Two of BWS’s Contributing Editors

Subject: Tsunami warning for Marshall Islands and Kiribati
Date: 11 Mar 2011 10:35:04 -0000

Hello family and friends,

The tsunami has not struck here yet in Tarawa, Kiribati, but SV Brick House and SV Mr John have picked up anchor and we are out of the channel now, in deep water outside of the atoll, well away from the reef and land. We will  sail to another atoll, Abiang, slowly—20 miles away. No danger in deep open water, so don’t worry about Brick House or Mr John. High Aspect is motoring in circles in deeper water inside the lagoon, and another boat with a Belgian man named Mark onboard who is out tonight is remaining at anchor in Tarawa Harbor.

Tarawa radio has put out a notice to all ships in the harbor, and the tsunami is hitting Guam right now, expecting to get here in about two hours (1230am our time). It is heading towards the Marshall islands and us. We understand that the earthquake was 9.7 and produced a 30-foot wave over Tokyo and did a lot of damage. Someone said a two-meter wave here, but it could be more or less, and we didnt want to take any chances…both boats were planning to depart this weekend for Abiang anyways.

To our friends in the Marshall islands—we hope you have gotten warning and are able to get off your moorings and to the west so you have lots of sea room. We hope it’s a false alarm and that there are no effects anywhere, but please let us know you are OK tomorrow, okay?

Best of luck to everyone, and again, no worries about Brick House and Mr John…we are in deep water and won’t even feel the effects…

Rebecca and Patrick
Brick House (with friends Mr John just behind us)

Post-tsunami update: It apparently hit as scheduled, but was not all too significant. Better safe than sorry, though!

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