Where is this mystery cruising spot?

Send your answers to comments@cruisingcompass.com. A winner, who will receive a Blue Water Sailing hat, will be selected at random from the correct answers.
Hint: If you’re stumped, pick up the March issue of BWS for the answer.

Thank you to all who submitted your thoughts on last week’s question: “Do cruisers have the right to protection when voluntarily traveling in dangerous areas?”

Here are some the responses we received:

“Governments generally prove effective, if somewhat late to react, at protecting people against, war, social unrest or civil disobedience and even weather calamities.  They do so by warning people and by preventing access or egress.  People caught in a spontaneous situation may even be offered government assistance to evacuate.  I do not think that a government should even consider providing protection to travellers who voluntarily put themselves in harms way, like attempting to ski an avalanche warning area, cross thin ice on a snowmobile or, as in this case, sail through a known pirate zone.” -Doug Appleby

“Given the vastness of the worlds oceans, it is beyond rational comprehension as to why someone would knowingly want to travel over pirate infested waters. Sail safer parts of the world until conditions improve. In the meantime, if someone decides to sail over pirate inhabited waters, they should not expect a Navy escort. Rather, they should expect the unexpected and be prepared to be labeled a “moron” in the eyes of the general public.” -Shawn McManus

“This attitude of someone else owes me something is one of the root issues of what is wrong with our society today. All of us need to take responsibility for our actions. If I choose to take the risk of sailing in known pirate waters it is no different than if I choose to leave port in bad weather. There are so many beautiful places in this world to sail that are not hazardous why would anyone choose to put themselves in harms way? If the Tiemessen’s require an escort then they should be willing to pay for the service.” -Doug, s/v Mostly Love

“I think that the combined navy fleet patrolling the Pirate Alley should offer escort to cruisers. Not individually but arrange a schedule so that all cruisers would go in a flotilla escorted by a Navy ship or two.  This is important if for no other reason to show that the civilized world does not cave to pirates.  If the pirates succeed to make the passage through the Red Sea to the Mediterranean from the Indic Ocean unsafe or impossible then they win, and that is something that should not be allowed to happen! On the other hand cruisers are citizens and have the right to expect protection from their Navies. This just to mention two reason why Navy escort should be provided to cruisers!” -Sebastian Petricek, s/v Frog

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