Web Site of the Week: An-Tiki

If you want to raise awareness about the world’s water crisis, pick a word, add “tiki” to it, and set off on an ocean voyage. First there was Plastiki, and now there is An-tiki, a 39′ x 20′ raft (yes, I said raft), that is making its voyage across the Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to the Bahamas, to raise money for WaterAid. But what sets this voyage apart is that it is being done by an 84 year old Brit who has another point to prove. 

On its website, the program highlights that it sets out to do more than just raise money for an important cause. Goal number three states:

“To show that older persons are capable of undertaking what are considered dangerous, wrongly in our opinion, and adventurous projects that are normally left to younger persons to fulfill. It is our belief that with age comes experience and that by careful assessment of risk, and minimization of that risk, that age is not an issue in such projects. There is an innate belief that anything ‘out of the ordinary,’ such as a raft, is intrinsically unsafe, yet it will become apparent from the risk mitigation and analysis that rafts, if carefully constructed, are as safe, if not safer than hollow hulled vessels.”

Check out the site for yourself to see where the raft is now and what the foursome of men on it have learned while floating across the Atlantic. Go to www.gasballoon.com/antiki.

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