New NMEAremote App for iPhone or iPad

With your iPhone or iPad connected to your onboard network, you can log in and retrieve important information quickly, clearly and wirelessly. At a glance, “NMEAremote” shows you all the information you need onboard, such as navigation data, wind speed or water depth.

The iPhone connects with any NMEA device over an onboard WLAN such as a “NMEA/RS232 – WiFi converter,” a “SEAMATE 1A” or a computer with the appropriate software installed. Via the wireless connection, your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can receive the NMEA data from the onboard network. This data is decoded by “NMEAremote,” evaluated and presented in an onscreen graphic. Some of the information displayed includes ship’s position, weather, speed and compass.

In addition to being available for iPhone, the app is also available for the iPad and iTouch. For more information, go to

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