Theft Warning in Marshall Islands

BWS contributor Patrick Childress has contacted us in an effort to warn other cruisers of theft in the Marshall Islands. In his letter, Childress says, “High and low level theft throughout Majuro, Marshall Islands has spilled into the harbor, affecting world roaming cruising yachts.  Within a few months’ span, 10 unattended yachts had been broken into at night and ransacked. One daylight boarding was witnessed by a fellow cruiser and the teenagers were apprehended.  Police refused to press charges. Another band of thieves responsible for some night intrusions and cuttings of moorings were apprehended and confessed. No prosecution of these politically connected people could be enacted. Another group of stealthy thieves boarded vacant yachts after midnight via SCUBA gear.  Setting off loud alarms on our yacht, these experienced thieves vanished underwater despite the earnest work of cruisers in dinghies to locate them.  Since the local police will not move past the shoreline, defense from and capture of thieves is left to the cruisers themselves.  If you make the unfortunate mistake, like we did, of leaving your floating home in Majuro, Marshall islands so you can return to the U.S. for important business, it is almost certain you will return to find you had uninvited visitors and the police are of no assistance.”

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