Where is this mystery cruising spot?

Send your answers to comments@cruisingcompass.com. A winner, who will receive a Blue Water Sailing hat, will be selected at random from the correct answers.
Hint: If you’re stumped, pick up the February issue of BWS for the answer.

Congratulations to last week’s mindbender winner, Howard Weiser, who correctly answered what the “wind rudder” effect is. The answer: “The ‘wind rudder’ effect is seen on boats with a mizzen sail.  Since the mizzen is located aft, when wind hits the sail, the mizzen will act like a rudder and push the stern away from the wind and thus the bow into the wind.  Thus, the mizzen sail allows a ‘wind rudder’ to be created.”

It’s time for our Cruising Network Question of the Month! Our April issue is all about fitting out for cruising, and we’re looking for opinions on anchors. Care to WEIGH in (pun intended)? We want to know what you’ve tried, what you like and what you wish the manufacturers would offer. Send comments to valerie@bwsailing.com.

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