Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to Rod Heikell for this great shot of his 1989 Warwick Cardinal 46 Skylax sailing off of Meganisi Island, Greece!

Do you have cool shots from your sailing adventures? Send them to us at

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Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Going Up

It was well over a month ago now that we sat in the sunshine on bright green grass under beautiful cherry blossom trees enjoying the first true days of spring. Since then the marina has been abuzz with sailors washing, sanding, waxing and completing any number of boat projects to get ready for the upcoming cruising season. This, of course, is the time of year when the summer cruising plans that have buoyed spirits all winter are really starting to take shape.

It is also when the questions about where we are going this season are relentlessly kicked around at impromptu barbeques or dock parties and at sailor bars and marine stores. For many cruisers in North America the answer is fairly simple, we go north: flocking up from the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida to enjoy cruising in the Northeast; getting out to bask in the splendor of the Great Lakes; and here in the Pacific Northwest, sights are squarely set on the amazing and picturesque Inside Passage. No matter where you’re going this season, have fun, be safe and say hi when you see us out there!

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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Hundreds Paddle Out for Icon Hobie Alter

Hobie Alter had only one request: He wanted a traditional Hawaiian paddle-out ceremony after he died.

In the blue waters off Dana Point and surrounded by surfboards and sailboats, Alter’s family on Friday released bowls filled with soil brought from Hawaii, ocean water and sand from Waikiki beach, and rock salt, which represented the “purification of one’s soul, body and life,” said Eric Keawe, a “Kahu,” or Hawaiian priest. Continue reading

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Kayaker Completes Atlantic Crossing

Aleksander Doba, a Polish adventurer who set out six months ago to cross the Atlantic in a 21-foot kayak, pulled into New Smyrna Beach, FL on Saturday, looking like a castaway. His skin was bronzed and weathered, his beard long and tangled, but the 67-year-old’s mood was upbeat as he raised his arms in triumph after a remarkable crossing that spanned about 6,000 miles.

The official end of his odyssey, which began last October 5 in Lisbon, Portugal, came two days after he had pulled into Port Canaveral, Florida, to receive a greeting there. But “Olek” Doba refused to disembark until he reached New Smyrna Beach, where he kissed the ground and was greeted by hundreds of well-wishers. Read More

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Move to End “Visa” Limits to Non-EU Cruisers

Eurocrats are considering ending the draconian “visa” restrictions on yachtsmen who aren’t from EU countries, which in many cases has landed sailors with outrageous fines, the Cruising Association has announced.

Currently non-EU nationals are not allowed to remain in the EU for more than 90 days in any 180-day period under the Schengen agreement which allows free passage for those living in the 26 countries which make up the union. These stretch from Sweden and Iceland in the North to Malta and Cyprus in the south. Continue reading

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Salty Dawg Spring Rally Update

Starting May 1, the Salty Dawg Rally will begin to assemble in North Sound in preparation for our departure from Soper’s Hole on May 15. We will start off at the Bitter End Yacht Club, Caribbean Home of the Salty Dawg Rally, for pizza parties, a dinghy scavenger hunt around North Sound including Leverick Bay, Saba Rock, YCCS and then back to BEYC.

On Thursday, May 8 we plan to be at Leverick Bay and watch Michael Beans perform on the Beach. On Friday, May 9, we plan to go to the Beach Barbecue at Leverick Bay with a whole Pig Roast, watch the Mocka Jumbies perform and listen to live entertainment by the “Elvis White Band”. You don’t have to attend the Beach Barbecue to watch enjoy the Jumbies. While at Leverick Bay, enjoy $20 moorings, $35/n on the dock, any size boat, 10% off food purchases at the Chef’s Pantry, 15% off the upstairs dining room (food and drink) bottles of wine not included, 15% off food at the cove and beach bar (Beach Barbecue excluded), and 25% off drinks at the cove and beach bar (25% does not apply to the upstairs dining room or bottles of wine). Continue reading

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Change of Watch at Scanmar

After 37 years at the helm, Hans Bernwall (above right) is stepping down as President and owner of Scanmar, the world’s largest manufacturer of windvanes, including the beloved Monitor.  Mike Scheck (above left), a San Francisco Bay area sailor and customer of Scanmar, has acquired the company and will operate it as Scanmar International, Inc. Continue reading

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Windjammer Days Returns to its Roots

Organizers of the 52nd annual Windjammer Days Festival are kicking off fundraising and planning efforts for what promises to be one of the signature events of the season. The Festival will take place June 22 – 28, with nine windjammers scheduled to arrive in Linekin Bay, Maine on Tuesday, June 24th and then under full sail during the parade of sail on Wednesday, June 25th. Windjammer Days was recently recognized as a top 100 event in the country by the American Bus Association for 2014.

Continue reading

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Olin Stephens favorite design #97 S&S30 redesigned with modern underbody.  Sleeps four with an enclosed head, spacious cockpit and all lines led aft for ease of shorthanded cruising or racing fun.

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Dufour Yachts Celebrates 50 Years

In 1964 French engineer Michele Dufour realized his vision to build a new kind of sailing yacht using the “modern” technology of Fiber Reinforced Plastics. His first model, the Sylphe, was solid, seaworthy and fast for its time. The concept succeeded and launched Dufour Yachts into the rapidly growing worldwide market for recreational yachts. Fifty years later,  Dufour carries on with an award winning line of 10 models ranging from 31 to 56 feet, all noted for outstanding sailing performance, cruising comfort and exceptional finish quality. Join our Facebook page for a look back at the classic models that blazed the trail to today’s modern range of fast, comfortable cruisers. And for information on the current line of Dufour Yachts visit

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Heavy Weather Sailing Secrets: Control Roll, Pitch, and Yaw

Here’s another great set of tips from our friend Capt. John of

Preparing our boats and ourselves for cruising or any other type of boating means first understanding the dynamics that can create problems. All vessels rotate or move around imaginary lines called axes. I find it easiest to visualize these as long rods penetrating one side of our little ships and exiting the other.

What’s the #1 cure for roll, pitch or yaw? Slow down. Reef the mainsail. Use a smaller headsail. See more sailing tips below.

How to Predict the Three Major “Boat Motions” Continue reading

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The latest addition to Interlux’s premier performance Micron® antifouling product line, Micron® CF (Copper Free),  not only offers best-in-class performance in the copper-free category of paints, it also offers the longevity that boat owners have come to expect from traditional, copper-based antifoulings. Micron CF is a multi-season antifouling that uses Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology to combat slime and Econea™ to ward off barnacles and zebra mussels.

A polishing product, Micron CF helps reduce paint build-up, reduce friction and improve fuel efficiency. It is formulated using less solvent to meet all US VOC regulations and is suitable for all types of boats, substrates and waters. Micron CF is available only in the USA in 4 bright colors including Shell White and a crisp black.

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Boat Review: Moody DS45

We sailed the Moody DS45 in Newport, RI on one of those clear, warm fall days that make me realize how lucky I am to go sailing as part of my job. I was out with my old friend Alan Baines, who is the dealer for Moody in the Northeast and an accomplished sailor in his own right.

The Moody was lying to a mooring off the Jamestown Boat Yard, so we hitched a ride from a boatyard hand—the launch service had ended for the season—and climbed aboard just as the breeze began to build. There was still a little warmth in the sunlight, and across Narragansett Bay several classic 12 meters under charter were tacking easily seaward. Continue reading

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Video of the Week: Charles W. Morgan Restoration

As the restored whaling ship Charles W. Morgan prepares for her first sailing adventure since 1921, the Mystic Seaport is running a series of short web videos on the 173-year-old vessel’s reconstruction. Watch the first one here. Continue reading

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Student’s Invention Turns Your Smartphone into a VHF Radio

Being in trouble at sea without a phone signal might no longer be an issue thanks to an Irish-designed case that allows a phone to become a VHF radio. Seán Toomey came up with the idea for his waterproof VHF Casemate last year as a thesis project for his product design degree at Dublin Institute of Technology. He is now hoping a partner firm will be found to put it into production.

“More people are now relying on phones in case they have an emergency, but I spoke to a few people at the RNLI in Dún Laoghaire. They said it was a problem in some cases they responded to, where people had tried unsuccessfully to raise the alarm using mobile phones,” the 23-year-old Dubliner said. Continue reading

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Rhode Island Boat Show to be a 4 Venue, Statewide Event

After a long winter, Rhode Island marine companies are opening their doors in a big way by hosting a free, one-of-a-kind boating event designed to jump-start the arrival of summer. The Rhode Island Boat Show takes place the weekend of May 3-4 in four coastal venues and features boats, experts, and activities for all ages both on and off the water. Continue reading

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For the Hungry Crew

Here’s a delectable dessert we made the other night while grilling with friends…

Grilled Pineapple with Brown Sugar & Coconut

- pineapple rings (fresh or canned)
- 1/4 cup brown sugar
- 1/2 cup sweetened, shredded coconut
- dark rum (optional)
- vanilla ice cream (optional)

Place pineapple slices on a tray. Top with brown sugar, coconut and rum. Grill on one side only until slices have browned and brown sugar has melted. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

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When sailing near a coast, what time of day would you generally expect to get a “sea breeze”?

Send your answer to A winner, who will receive a Blue Water Sailing hat, will be selected at random from the correct answers.

Thanks to last week’s Mindbender winner, Carol Baardsen, for her answer to ”A knot commonly used to join two lines of uneven diameters at their ends is called what?” sheet bend.

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Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to Katherine and Lael Easterling for this beautiful shot of their Tartan 412 Painted Skies tucked in at Snug Cove on Kangaroo Island, Australia!

Do you have cool shots from your sailing and cruising adventures? Send them to us at

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Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross


As we approached the mark I instructed my crew to get ready for a jibe. Green, and a bit unsure as to what that would entail, I talked them through each task that needed to get done and when, so we were all on the same page. Nearing the mark, I could tell boats were giving it a wide berth and we managed to pull off a decent jibe inside some of them as we all pin-wheeled around it together. Later, at the after party, our crew recounted the close-quarters mark rounding with excitement and were eager to be invited aboard for the next race.

I’ve said here before that one of my favorite things about sailing is that there are so many ways to get out and enjoy it. And while serious racing may not be for every cruiser, participating in the cruising fleet of a racing event or regatta can be a lot of fun and have some hidden benefits, too. It builds sailing skill and comfort; teaches couples or families to sail well together and gives them confidence in each other and their boat; allows you to take friends who have little or no sailing experience out for an exciting day on the water; creates camaraderie amongst groups of cruisers in a laid back format; and just plain gets your boat off the dock, which is what sailing is really all about anyway.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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