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JAN 2012 – Dream landfalls, Galapagos, Indonesia, Malta, Hawaii; seamanship from the pros; upgrading your cruising boat; Beneteau Oceanis 45

FEB 2012 – Donating your boat; twist in your sails; cruising in Vava’u; safety & electronics; varnishing the cabin sole; Catalina 385

MAR 2012 Canning food; chartering in Greece and Croatia; wind generators

APRIL 2012 Sail purchasing tips; Mexico’s Costa Alegre on a Hunter 44; Mahina Expeditions-Auckland to Moorea; D.I.Y. fitting out; Island Packet 360

May 2012 The well-dressed cruiser, layering for comfort; Exploring Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador; Hylas 56

June 2012 Baking bread at sea; exploring Tobago; cruising Maine; the ins and outs of electrical circuits; Hanse 495; Moody DS 45


JAN 2011 – New marine electronics; apps; digital charting; California’s Channel Islands; Catalina 355

FEB 2011 – Social networking; customs; Caribbean; Greece; French Polynesia; entering and leaving foreign ports; installing a new fuel tank; Sabre 456; Seaward 46

MAR 2011 – Summer sailing guide; Bocas del Toro; Bermuda to the Azores; rescuing a dinghy at sea; Beneteau Sense 50

APRIL 2011 - Fitting out, self steering; anchors; props; Bahamas; Morocco; Jeanneau 53

MAY 2011 – Restore & refit a classic cruiser; what cruisers wear; cruising in Italy; South Pacific passage; Norway; towing a tender

JUNE 2011 – Rig readiness; Kanton Atoll; building a cat in New Zealand; Cape Cod to St. John; cold water survival; Northeast US cruising guide; Bavaria sailboats

JULY 2011 – Cruising in the Bay of Islands; Panama Canal; anchoring; pocket cruisers; Beneteau Oceanis 58

AUG 2011 – World sailing adventures; a cruiser returns from USVI; South Pacific departure; Mauritius from a teen’s view; Bavaria’s new boats

SEPT 2011 – Boat bugs; hatch restoration; Kuna Yala; a year at sea; Dufour 405 Grand Large

OCOBER 2011 – Homeward journey from New Zealand; provisioning in Papeete; DIY slipcovers; fitting out; Tartan 4700

NOV 2011 – Down the Swahili coast; crossing the Gulf Stream; emergency medicine; cruising green

DEC 2011 – Keeping rust off your engine; Lin & Larry Pardey; hauling out in New Zealand; Bruckmann MKII


JAN 2010 - Offshore navigator; Antigua to Panama; back from the Bermuda One-Two; Bahamas; lightning strikes; 12 sailor’s knots; dynamic Dufour; Pacific Seacraft 40

FEB 2010 – Exercises onboard; the cost of cruising; calamity in Culebrita; Suex Canal transit; Oyster 655; Norstar 40

MAR 2010 – Cruising the Behm, Alaska; cruising at age 11; dismasting; summer sailing; Presto 30 sharpie

APRIL 2010 – Deck layouts, rig tuning, going aloft, electric winches; nav station; Palmerston Is; Oceanis 50

May 2010 – Rules of the Road; Dockwise; refrigeration; compass checks with the sun; Egypt to Sudan; San Blas Islands; Oyster 575; Sabre 456

JUNE 2010 – Cruising New England; Red Sea; Madagascar; safety at sea; Tartan 400

JULY 2010 – Radar; boat transportation, via the road; Panama to Cocos Island; Mediterranean Meanderings; Pocket Cruisers; watch systems for couples

AUG 2010 – Chartering, sailing schools, expeditions; offshore navigation techniques; sailing with children; world’s highest tides in Leaf Basin

SEPT 2010 – Sicilan sojourn; boat show preview; navigation without GPS; tuning your rig; offshore to Bermuda; selecting a new engine; Discovery 50 catamaran

OCT 2010 – Cocos to Hawaii; AIS; Napa Valley; rigging & ground tackle; San Andres; Antares 44i; Tartan 5300

NOV 2010 – Complete guide to fitting out; Bahamas, Guadeloupe, Easter Island; Pam Wall interview

DEC 2010 – Surviving pirate alley; engine installation; best cruising areas; completing the engine installation; Oyster 46


JAN 2009 – Cruise Curacao to Cartagena; Robinson Crusoe Island; the missing generation; communication systems; blister-free hulls; Jeanneau 44i

FEB 2009 – Cruising Indonesia; offshore navigation; Curacao to Cartegena; keep your boat blister free; Jeanneau 44i

MAR 2009 – Celestial navigation; cruising in the Middle East; exploring the Jumentos; summer sailing vacation guide; Berry Is, Jekyll Is, Cuttyhunk Is; shoal draft sailers

APRIL 2009 – Fitting out your boat; refitting in foreign ports; exploring the Azores; cruising the French canals; Kadey Krogen 55

MAY 2009 – Summer charter bargains; 20 tacks to St. Thomas; cruising Atlantic Canada; keep your diesel running; Hunter 50 CC

JUNE 2009 – Florida’s Dry Tortugas; cruising Maine; refit in Trinidad; passagemaking, anchoring, sail trim; J 31

JULY 2009 – Catching fish; Baltic Sea odyssey; world sailing adventures; Catalina 445; Jeanneau 57

AUG 2009 – Cruising ‘green’; navigation apps for your iPhone; amazing Alaska; crossing the Atlantic to Brazil; Norstar 40; Rustler 44

SEPT 2009 – Bahamas cruising guide; Panama Canal transit; 19 bluewater boats

OCT 2009 – Cruising across the Atlantic; winter charters; repowering in paradise; Pago Pago; inside the Lagoon factory; folding vs. fixed props; Morris 52

NOV 2009 – Fitting out for world cruising; sailing seamanship; Papua New Guinea; Baltic Sea odyssey; Rivolta 43 Vintage

DEC 2009 – Chartering in the Mediterranean; racing solo to Bermuda; broke in Bocas; Grand Soleil 545


JAN 2008 – Navigation; communication & safety systems; AIS; Suwarrow; parachute sea anchor; motorsailers and trawlers; Island Packet 465; Novis 40; Grand Banks 52

FEB 2008 – Identity theft prevention; accidental gybes; genset blues; New Zealand to Fiji; a kid’s perspective of cruising part 1; multihull madness; Morris 45

MAR 2008 – Fitting a windvane; a kid’s perspective on cruising part 2; provision management; summer sailing vacation guide; Atlantic crossing; Najad 44 AC; Catalina 375

APRIL 2008 – Aground & overboard in the Arctic; annual guide to fitting out; sail trim; Dominican Republic through the Mona Passage and to Puerto Rico; island nation of Kiribati; marine refrigeration; Outbound 52

MAY 2008 – Multihulls for cruisers; Caribbean passages; safety at sea; cruising with guests; Nova Scotia cruising; Lagoon 420

JUNE 2008 – Rigging a sea anchor; cruising Hawaii; crossing the Pond; hurricane season in the Caribbean; England to Portugal; bottom paint; installing a windlass; Beneteau 43

JULY 2008 – Sailing from Canada to Ireland; trawler schools; introduction to stabilizers; BVI; crimping terminals; Catalina 375

AUG 2008 – Multihull keels vs daggerboards; Maine coast cruising; provisioning; LED lights; anchoring lessons; Tartan 4300

SEPT 2008 – Circumnavigating Antigua; new cruising boats; foul weather gear; sleep patterns; furling headsails; Hanse 540e

OCT 2008 – Inside modern cruising boats; boom preventer; Virgin Islands exploration; Patagonia in wintertimes; Ireland to Spain; motersailers; clean drinking water in your sink; cruising catamarans

NOV 2008 – Upgrading your boat; explore Alaska; winter living aboard; prepare for a tropical storom; light air sailing; Seawind 1000 XL

DEC 2008 – Multihulls for cruising; Scotland to Sweden; Mexico to Hawaii; alternative energy systems; best charter deals; Admiral 40


JAN 2007 – Communication systems; motorsailers & trawlers; sleep at anchor; Canaries to the Caribbean; shipwrecked in Fiji; Kadey-Krogen 44; Nordhavn 56; Bavaria 40 Vision

FEB 2007 – Cruising multihulls; Caribbean 1500, bow thrusters; Trinidad to Venezuela; repairing a reef-damaged yacht

MAR 2007 – Summer sailing vacations; better sail trim; cruising on a budget; the Maldives; puddle jump to Polynesia; Hanse 400

APRIL 2007 – Oban to Orust; Spanish Virgin Islands; Cape Town to the Caribbean; Newfoundland to Iceland; heaving to; hauling out; Bruckmann 50; Expedition 55

MAY 2007 – Safety at sea; running rigging; Cape Verde to the Caribbean; Greek Isles and meltemi; modern multihulls; Fusion 40; Mahe 36; Island Packet SP Cruiser

JUNE 2007 – Seamanship; cruising with kids; shorthanded sailing; navigation tips for boats headed to Florida, Rhode Island, the Azores; Europe; Oyster 53

JULY 2007 – Annual guide to World Sailing Adventures; clearing customs in the Caribbean; Gibralter to the Canary Islands; voyage to Greenland; Hallberg-Rassy 48

AUG 2007 – Lightning strikes; Banda Neira, Indonesia; Med Red Rally; refurbish your galley; modern multihulls; Beneteau First 50; Tartan 4300

SEPT 2007 – 19 new cruising boats; first ocean passage; buying a new mainsail; hurricane Isabel; cruising to the Caribbean; Kodiak, AK

OCT 2007 – Seamanship; buying headsails; cruising Langkawi, Malaysia; sailing at night; South Pacific; Hunter 45DS; Kadey Krogen 55; Nordhavn 56

NOV 2007 – Fitting out your boat for world cruising; buying downwind sails; Sri Lanka; Elan 434; Outbound 52; Akilaria Class 40

DEC 2007 – Cruising & charter destinations; installing an autopilot; buying a multihull; beyond the Baha HaHa; Tahiti; Malo 37


JAN 2006 – High-tech communications; storm passage; sail repair; Island Packet 440

FEB 2006 – Cruising mulithulls; the ideal tender; using weather information; cell phone solutions; Hallberg-Rassy 62

MAR 2006 – Your summer sailing vacation; 10 rallies & events you can join; cruising among the Kunas; tantalizing Tuamotus; Christmas Island to Sri Lanka; seamanship quiz; 20 ways to build sailing & cruising skills; Shannon 43; Hunter 38; Hallberg-Rassy 31 MkII; Pacific Seacraft 377

APRIL 2006 – Cruising stories from around the world; 38 tips for trouble-free cruising; the spring launch; high-tech hurricane tracking; Iles du Salut; cruising Norway; Dufour 385; Beneteau First 10; Maine Cat 41; Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 41

MAY 2006 – 37 personal safety tips; how clouds forecast weather; Bahamas to Miami Beach; cruising Maine; Bahamas to the Marquesas; J/124; Etap 46DS; St.Francis 50; Swan 46

JUNE 2006 – 10 ways to build your skills; why women love the cruising life; sleep skills; Herb Hilgenberg; X-55; Ovni 395; Tartan 3400

JULY 2006 – World Sailing Adventures; England to the Med via French Canals; insulation; Bob Perry’s 40 ft. schooner; taking delivery of a Hanse 411 in Germany; Hanse 400

AUG 2006 – Cruising chef; securing for a hurricane; email; Newfoundland; dismasted off Cape Horn; Beneteau 423, Ovni 395

SEPT 2006 – New cruisers for 2007; Suwarrow; heavy weather sailing; Estonia; New Zealand to South Africa

OCT 2006 – In-water lay up; passage planning; rallies; Darwin to Mauritius; Hunter; Jeanneau; Beneteau 49s

NOV 2006 – Fitting out for cruising; fear at sea; N.A. ocean conveyor; across the Indian Ocean; Etap 46 & Morris 42

DEC 2006 – Great cruising destinations; Gibralter to Morocco; Caribbean weather; Tarawa, Kiribati; mealtime, keeping your crew happy; energy systems afloat


JAN 2005 – Readjusting to land-based life; East coast to the Caribbean; New Zealand to Patagonia; upriver in the Gambia; Offshore navigation & communications; hurricane season; Pacific Seacraft 31

FEB 2005 – 100th Issue!; multihulls; Victoria to Nanaimo; dollars and sense of solar panels; Ted Hood’s No Compromise 54

MAR 2005 – Worldwide cruising roundup; exploring South Georgia Island; best in binoculars; bilge pumps that work; Navy 44

APRIL 2005 – Communications for cruisers; motorsailers; Bermuda & back; watchkeeping; northwest to the Andamans

MAY 2005 – Joys of sailing offshore; 10 family friendly rallies; watertight doors; San Diego to Virginia; boat schooling; keep your boat afloat after being holed at sea; Najad 440

JUNE 2005 -Personal safety gear; Fiji’s Lau group; St. Lawrence River pt. 1; sealants; compounds & adhesives; J65

JULY 2005 – BVIs; St. Lawrence pt. 2; cruising as young adults

AUG 2005 – Panama Canal; Intracoastal Waterway; wreck & salvage in the South Pacific; Bruckmann 50 motorsailer

SEPT 2005 – 33 new cruising boats for 2006; 24,000 miles aboard a Hunter 466; the ‘Great Loop’; 100 hurricane safety tips; Marion-Bermuda cruising race

OCT 2005 – 6 ways to save a man overboard; cruising the Middle East; cruise Alaska; Catalina 440

NOV 2005 – turn your boat into a passagemaker; downwind sailing; Gulf Stream; cruising stories around the world; British Columbia; Hammerhead 54

DEC 2005 – Discover paradise under sail; great gifts; Hunter 45CC; Lagoon 500


JAN 2004 - Selecting crew; negotiate Rangiroa Pass, Gulf of Mexico; New Zealand to Malaysia; powered winches; Wauquiez Pretorien 35; Tartan 4400

FEB 2004 – Apataki to Papeete; onboard communications; Malaysia to Block Island; prop pitch; J 133; Stellar 53; Bristol 35.5

MAR 2004- Multihulls; antifouling paints; cruising the Caribbean; GMDSS

APRIL 2004 – Costs of cruising; sail Antarctica; outboard engines; mid-Atlantic rescue; X-43

MAY 2004 – Weather secrets; latest in safety & gear; design competition winners; cruising Antarctica; choosing the correct mainsail; Saga 48

JUNE 2004 – Anchors; cruising the Azores; headsails, read weather maps; Lagoon 410, Cabo Rico 42 Pilothouse

JULY 2004 – Bareboat and crewed charter; 5 tips for predicting storms; choosing anchor windlasses and chain

AUG 2004 – Understanding frontal systems; personal safety gear; cruising Oman to Sudan; cruising the Pacific Northwest; mainsail handling systems; watermakers; Najad 511

SEPT 2004 – Polynesia to Christmas Island; Red Sea passage; the best new mono & mulithulls; Catalina 470

OCT 2004 – Strait of Malacca; barometers; hurricanes-surviving Charley; Oyster 62; Valiant 50

NOV 2004 – Crossing the Pacific; Malta to Turkey; cruising Cartagena; fitting out on a budget; Caliber 47 LRC SE; Tartan 34

DEC 2004 – Cruise & charter Belize; Bahamas; Pacific NW; Italy; Cigale 14


JAN 2003 – Cruising Cuba; modern nav systems; getting over opening hurdles in bluewater sailing; Outbound 44

FEB 2003 – Cruising Central America; communications from your boat; Newfoundland to the Azores to Ireland; Gib’Sea 41; Tartan 4400

MAR 2003 – Modern mulithulls; provisioning in foreign lands; voyage of Nakomis part II, the Emerald Isle; Island Packet 385

APRIL 2003 – Dinghies, tenders, liferafts; after 50,000 miles on a Hylas 54; Nakomis pt III, Scotland; a 12-year solo journey around the world; Kanter 54

MAY 2003 – Sails for cruisers, Gulf Stream passage; LA to Hawaii; Voyage of Nakomis pt IV, Denmark and Sweden; North Wind 58, Beneteau 57

JUNE 2003 – Cruising the North Pacific islands’; Nakomis to St.Petersburg, Russia; Alberg 30; Beneteau 423 test

JULY 2003- World Sailing Adventures; Caribbean weather; Norway’s fjords; circumnavigation on a Oyster 55 part 1; Leopard 47

AUG 2003 – Clouds; fixing the fridge; south from the Whitsundays; safety at sea, what a hurricane can teach; circumnavigation on a Oyster 55 part II; Najad 37

SEPT 2003 – Insurance for cruisers; relaunching after a two year lay-up; ditch kit essentials; design and modify sails for offshore cruising; sailing Newfoundland; San Blas Islands; Beneteau 57

OCT 2003 – Studying weather; in Patagonia; health insurance; bow shapes with Bob Perry; 900 miles from Panama to the Galapagos; Amel Super Maramu 2000; Discovery 55

NOV 2003 – 50 tips to make your boat safer and more comfortable; nature of hurricanes; passagemaking mode; rudder troubles; from Thailand to Turkey; fitting out for voyaging; Etap 37

DEC 2003 – Cabin heaters, around the world on $30,000; Block Island to NZ; Marquesas to the Tuamotus; installing a heater; Morris 51


JAN 2002 – Latest tools & techniques for offshore navigators; keeping a log; choosing the right propeller; the Balearics; J/40 refit; Bahamas bound

FEB 2002 – Passage across the Pacific; emergency boat handling under sail; weather forecasting for safer cruising; Shannon PH

MAR 2002 – New England to the Canadian Maritimes, cruising multihulls; Mexico or bust; diesel engine electrics; without a fridge; squalls; Saga 35

APRIL 2002 – Perfect dinghy; comfort afloat; staysails; Gulf Stream crossing; New Zealand to Tonga; North Wind 43; Wharram Cats

MAY 2002 – Cruising Central America’s Rio Dulce, sail trim solutions; handbearing compasses; simple navigation tips for coastal sailing; cruising w/steel; Silver Phantom 44

JUNE 2002 – Personal gear for safety and comfort; Fiji bound; cordage for cruising boats; cruising Labrador; aluminum cruisers from France

JULY 2002 – Cruising Chili’s amazing channels; how to avoid ships at night; Malo 41

AUG 2002 – Emergencies at sea; radar; cruising Turkey’s turquoise coast; close call with a supertanker; Dehler 39

SEPT 2002 – New boats; South Pacific; sailing Iceland; the Japanese Isles; hot new gear; Aerodyne 43

OCT 2002 – Annual gallery of great blue water boats; Rangiroa; latest on 12-volt DC generators; into the Red Sea; provisioning challenge

NOV 2002 – Bali; battery systems basics; Scotland’s west coast; south to the Caribbean; Oyster 49

DEC 2002 – Cruising Turkey, Tonga, Grenadines, Seychelles; how to choose an offshore crew; Sabre 426


JAN 2001- Electronic navigation; watchkeeping for couples & small crews; Tuamotus; Keeping your engine cool; Ft. Lauderdale to New York; Prout Quest 33

FEB 2001 – Lessons abound on a Caribbean crossing; communications offshore; home schooling at sea, pt 2; Sri Lanka, voyaging through the Indian Ocean; Morris 45

MAR 2001 – The navigator’s bag of tricks; a decade of living aboard; rally sailing; Alberg 30; capsized and dismasted in the Southern Ocean; Hallberg-Rassy 46

APRIL 2001 – Cruise Panama & San Blas; diy diesel repair; best antifouling paints; transatlantic gear survey; rescue at sea; Aerodyne 38 & Beneteau 47

MAY 2001 – Heineken Regatta 2001; offshore gear survey; news from Dr. Snooze; the Gulf Stream; medical insurance afloat; X-482

JUNE 2001 – Weather at sea; the well-dressed passagemaker; canning and dehydrating food; DIY engine alignment; the Med; Fast Passage 40

JULY/AUG 2001 – World Sailing Adventures, cruising Indonesia, health and the offshore sailor; choose the right sail cloth; Aerodyne 47

SEPT 2001 – In-boom furlers; using a pre-passage checklist before setting out; living the cruising life-a reality check, north to Sulawesi; Cabo Rico 45, he Unsinkable cruiser-Etap 39s

OCT 2001 – Jimmy Cornell in Corsica; Tonga to New Zealand; cruising keels; injuries at sea; Bruckmann 42

NOV/DEC 2001 – fitting out for offshore passages; Bora Bora beckons; best cruising sails; onboard energy systems; high performance cruiser


JAN 2000 – Welcome to the digital chart table, Caribbean cruising; island effects in the trades; how to stow your stuff ; Shannon 47; Explorer 44; Island Packet 29

FEB 2000 – Metal cruising boats; cruise the Caribbean; Westerly Oceanlord 41

MAR 2000 – Going far & foreign- retrofitting your boat; passage to Maine; center cockpits; X-Yachts 442

APRIL 2000 – Life rafts for voyagers; Beneteau 38 after 70,000 miles; air-sea rescue; Bill Cook 53 motorsailer; Caribbean 1500 special report; Moody 46 and J/46

MAY 2000 – Leave a clean wake; storm tactics; transatlantic weather routing; Southern Indian Ocean; Aerodyne South 35; 68 foot Nelson Marek

JUNE 2000 – Red Sea pirate attacks; taking stock at a circumnavigation’s end; 12 volt systems; diesel engine troubleshooting; dodging hurricanes in Mexico; Oyster 56

JULY/AUG 2000 – Cost of cruising; cruising with guns; Nordic 44; Offshore Explorer 4750; Outbound 44

SEPT 2000 – Bob Perry on voyaging rigs; Juan de Fuca to Panama; Europe New Man One Star Race Report; Stellar 52; Contour 47

OCT 2000 – 50th Issue!; sail to Bermuda on Island Packet 420; diesel details; Panama to Florida

NOV/DEC 2000 – BT Challenge, inflatable life vests, exploring Iceland, diesel maintenance, Jeanneau 45.2


JAN 99 – E-mail offshore; Sandy Strait, Australia; offshore watch systems; Hylas 54; Nautitech 435

FEB 99 – Seagoing computers, part 1; communications at sea; seamanship: becalmed; escape to Fiji; Sabre 452

MAR 99 – Seagoing computers, part 2,software & components ; offshore retrofit; Sydney-Hobart aftermath; Moody 44; Fast Passage 39; Reindeer/Morris 48.6

APRIL 99 – Brad Van Liew; Vancouver island; anchoring; Open Class 40; Swan 46 & 48

MAY 99 – Sundeer 60; roller-furling mainsails; anchoring for world voyagers, part 2; cruising Cuba; offshore retrofit, part 2; interview with Scott & Kitty Kuhner; tropical to extratropical transition; Seawind 30 Ketch

JUNE 99 – Trade wind sailing: rigs, sails, whisker poles; cruising Indonesia; heavy weather prep; Spindrift 10 dinghy; Cabo Rico 40; Aerodyne 46

JULY/AUG 99 – Heavy weather sailing, Classic Passage- landfall Polynesia; Bob Perry’s lexicon of yacht design; ship’s barometer; Dufour 45 Classic

SEPT 99 – Refrigeration for voyaging boats; mainsail choices; seagoing galleys; making a marriage work offshore; foul-weather gear; Serendipity 43; Horizon 48

OCT 99 – Electronic navigation chart programs; insulating the reefer box; Dan Becker’s Atlantic circle; Alert- man-overboard gear test; Beneteau 411; Saga 35

NOV/DEC 99 – Alberg 35- converting a coastal cruiser to an ocean voyager for $45,000; 20-20th breakthroughs; provisioning; headsails; Sailing Foundation tether study; Pacific Circle cruise; Oyster 62


JAN 98Caribbean 1500; planning a circumnavigation; mayday responses; Caliber 40 & Tanton 45

FEB 98 – Offshore gear test; inside 12V DC gensets; passage to Easter, Pitcairn and Gambier islands; Morris 46 & Prout Escale 39

MAR 98 – Offshore medical kits; radar; seamanship-shroud repair; Cape Dory 36 & Aerodyne 38

APRIL 98Self-steering options; preparing for heavy weather at sea; Farr 50; Nautor Swan 38

MAY 98 – Learning cultural literacy; inside a Peterson 44; West Indies to Europe; Voyager 45 & Freedom 32

JUNE 98 - Blue Water Sails; mainsail repairs; dewpoint and what it means; Bristol Channel Cutter 28

JULY/AUG 98 - Unsinkable boats; heavy weather sailing; Perry Custom 43

SEPT 98Around Alone Preview; custom & semi custom boats; passages to AK; Bob Perry on cruising sleds, part 1; Tartan 40

OCT 98Jan & Bob Crandall’s Oyster 485; stowable dinghies gear review; interview with Mark Schrader; Bob Perry on cruising sleds, part 2; Admiral/Pedrick 75

NOV/DEC 98 – Cruising destinations; Etap; foul weather gear; passages to the Caribbean; Freedom 56


JAN 97Seasickness report: modern remedies; inside the Mason 43; passage to New Brunswick

FEB 97 - Sea anchors; battery monitors for onboard charging systems; passage to Yucatan; Tartan 37

MAR 97 – Sea anchors; on-board generating; the Atlantic’s Sable Island; Vancouver 27

APRIL 97Provision for offshore sailing; interview -Jean Myer; passage to Jamaica and back; J/40

MAY 97Provisioning, part II, for long-range cruising; interview – Cabot Lyman; Hawaii to Tahiti; Shannon 43

JUNE 97 – Solar panel installation & maintenance; Nigel Calder; passage to England; Tayana 37

JULY 97 - Refrigeration systems for long-range cruising; seamanship: passage to Polynesia; Bob Perry

AUG 97Wind generators for living aboard; Atlantic Isles; retrieving a halyard at sea; revolutionary Fox 50

SEPT 97 – Equipping for voyaging; mainsails; at-sea sail repair; J 42; Cal 39

OCT 97 – Anchor survey; managing drinking water supply; Valiant 42 and 40

NOV 97 - Windlasses for voyaging boats; Alvah Simon interview; lee cloths; winter in the Med; Pearson 424

DEC 97Trade wind rigs that work; understanding shipping lanes; Oyster 55


APRIL 96 Inside offshore roller furling systems

MAY 96 – Liferafts & offshore safety gear

JUNE 96 EPIRBs; cockpit canvas for heavy weather: new canvas products, repair & maintenance; anatomy of a shakedown cruise

JULY 96 – SSB-the best in HF marine transceivers; safety harnesses and tethers

AUG 96Hand-bearing compasses; heaving-to the modern way, with techniques for fin-keel boats; crew overboard tactics; Josh Hall on singlehanded sailing; sea anchors

SEPT 96 – Crew overboard recovery tests part 1; storm trysails; John Rousmaniere on heavy weather sailing; sailing the East coast to the Caribbean

OCT 96Storm jibs for voyagers; crew-overboard tests, part II: the latest in crew-overboard devices; Rodger Martin on the design qualities of passagemaking boats; the West coast to Hawaii

NOV 96Inside eight blue water autopilots; high-powered spotlights tested; passage to the Caribbean

DEC 96 – GPS for offshore sailors; wet or dry cell batteries; Southeastern Alaska

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