Our Cruising Community • When I think back to the day we sailed into Bermuda from Europe on our last leg of a five year circumnavigation, I remember well how pleasant it was to anchor in St. George’s Harbor among more than three dozen U.S. flag boats that had recently completed either the Bermuda One-Two Race or the Marion to Bermuda Race. Both of these events from New England are basically cruising races with a bit of friendly competition thrown in. We had been away for five years, but among the fleets were numerous friends from our pre-cruising days, many of whom swung by our boat Clover to say hi.

In those days, Blue Water Sailing was only a germ of an idea but it seemed to sprout leaves and grow two inches in Bermuda among our sailing and cruising community. Here were several hundred kindred spirits who wanted to cross a piece of ocean in company with others, just as we had done on a loose, less formal basis all around the world, buddy boating sometimes in groups of a dozen. In the end, they and thousands of their like-minded friends became the beginning core of our readership.

Cruisers really do enjoy sailing in company. That’s why the new Salty Dawg Rally has more than 75 boats signed up for this fall’s cruise in company from Hampton, Virginia to the British Virgin Islands. As a lead sponsor of the SDR, we are hoping one day to see 100 boats join the free rally. Check it out at

We all enjoy sharing the cruising life; we learn from each other and relish the opportunity to pass on what knowledge we have picked up along the way. In this issue you will find our Annual Fitting Out for Cruising section starting on page 52 with personal fitting out experiences from two circumnavigators and two young writers who have made a life commitment to their boats and cruising. We are all here to share what we know and to help you make the gear choices that can make the cruising life safer and more fun.

Sharing is a big part of Blue Water Sailing since most of the stories we run in the magazine are written by freelancers who are active sailors. Some are out there cruising the world. Some have been around a long time. Some are new to the cruising game and writing of their amazing new lives and experiences.

We always encourage our readers to join us with articles and photos that we can share in the pages of BWS. Tell us where you are and what you found out there. Send us photos of yourselves in cool sailing places or doing fun things. And if you have a special marine technical expertise, maybe you would like to share that knowledge with readers, too.

If you would like to be a bigger part of our cruising community, contact our Managing Editor Andrew Cross with your story ideas and photos. And you can check out our Author’s Guidelines on our website I hope to see you out on the water and maybe, one day, in the pages of BWS.

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