Tartan 4300

TARTAN 4300 • In the August issue of BWS, we ran a full design review of the new soon-to-be launched Tartan 4300. Hull number one is due to premiere at the Newport (R.I.) boat show in September.

The new boat has a number of unique and interesting features. The hull is pure Tartan and molded out of epoxy instead of polyester resins. The spars are carbon fiber laminates; the boom is a “pocket boom” design that literally captures the mainsail as it is lowered or reefed.

The sail plan shows a Solent rig with a reacher on the outer headstay and a 100-percent self-tacking jib on the inner stay. Although slightly more complicated and more expensive than a single headsail, the Solent rig really gives you great headsail options for a wide range of sailing conditions.

Down below, Tartan offers either a two-cabin or three-cabin version. The two-cabin arrangement has a large double berth aft and an even larger double in the master cabin forward. Both cabins have heads with separate shower stalls.

In the two-cabin version, the chart table has been moved aft of the galley to port and enlarged to the point that is becomes a really useful work station where you can set up a computer and printer and spread out your paperwork while navigating or tending to business.

BWS will be sailing the new 43 this fall and will report back with a full on-the-water test.

Specifications: LOA 43’1”; LWL 37’10”; Beam 13’6”; Draft 5’10” (shoal); Displacement 23,800 lbs.; Sail Area 994 sq. ft.

For more information log on to www.tartanyachts.com.

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