Aerodyne. Longtime readers of BWS will know that we have kept an eye on Aerodyne Yachts since we saw the first Rodger Martin—designed 38 at the Newport International Boat Show and over the years have run reviews of all four of the Aerodyne models.

Aerodyne Yachts began life in South Africa as a subsidiary of Aerodyne Industries, which manufactures high-tech composite components for the aerospace and automotive industries and happened to have among its management some keen sailors. Working with Martin and Group Finot, Aerodyne created the four designs and built quite a few boats, many of which ended up in the U.S. But the falling dollar, the soaring rand and teething problems in the factory conspired to put the Aerodyne project on hold as the principals at Aerodyne focused their attention on the core businesses.

Into the fray stepped Finnish entrepreneur Iouri Nicholsson, a boat builder and yacht dealer, who already represented Aerodyne in Finland. His company, Bellamer Oy, bought the molds and the name and restarted the company in Finland, home of some of the world’s leading builders of sailing yachts—Swan and Baltic, to name two.

Over the past year, Nicholsson has taken the original designs and upgraded them to make the best use of the boat building skills available in Finland. Also, being situated in the Finnish “technol-ogy corridor,” the company has been able to improve both the materials and manufacturing processes with the help of high-tech manufacturing neighbors.

The result is a reborn Aerodyne Yachts that delivers exciting performance cruising and racing boats built to the highest standards from the latest and best construction materials.

The Aerodyne 35, from the design board of Group Finot, is the pure sport boat of the fleet. Built in all carbon fiber and equipped with water ballast and a monster rig, the 35 can achieve planing speeds of 20 knots. The
35 has developed a following among solo offshore racers, so Aerodyne is now working on de-veloping a one-design class that will permit owners to compete in level racing events.

The Aerodyne 38 and 43, both Rodger Martin designs, began life as sporty racer/cruisers. The two boats are now being offered in two models, the Grand Sport (GS), which is similar to the lightweight, ultra simple models already in the marketplace, and the new Grand Touring (GT), which has a luxurious interior, two cabins aft and teak decks.
Both the GS and the GT are rigged with high-tech carbon spars, wheels and rudderposts and offer exemplary performance whether racing or cruising.

The Aerodyne flagship is the 47-foot Martin design that is now being offered in GS, GT and Blue Water models. The GS is the ultralight racing version, although it has a comfortable, modern interior. The GT is the luxury version of the racer/cruiser line with teak decks and a highly finished wood interior. The 47 Blue Water has been created for serious offshore sailors and cruisers who are looking for excellent sailing per-formance in a boat that spares nothing in comfort and cruising systems. The 47 Blue Water has a slightly shorter mast than the other models to permit access to the Intracoastal Waterway and can be equipped with a shoal keel for those cruising in areas known for thin water.

Aerodyne Yachts are not for every cruiser or sailor. But for those seeking truly exceptional performance and cruising designs that are being built at the leading edge of boatbuilding technology, then this reborn line of boats will have serious appeal.
For more information contact Aerodyne Yachts, Ltd.; Ph: 888-323-AERO; E-mail:; Website: www.

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