Seawind 1160

SEAWIND 1160 • Designed and built in Australia, the new Seawind 1160 is the sister ship to the highly successful Seawind 1000 and 1200. Conceived as a pure cruising boat with excellent performance characteristics, the 1160′s builders set out to create a boat that was light but offshore worthy, simple to maintain yet elegant, easy to singlehand and modern and attractive for living aboard. A tall list of requirements, particularly in a 38-footer.

Yet, the 1160 goes a Seawind 1160 long way to achieving these goals and does so at a price to the end user that is attractive. The object of making the boats simple to sail led the builders to develop a rig that has a moderately large, high roach, fully-battened mainsail and a small self-tacking jib. For downwind sailing, owners can opt for a flat-cut reacher on a freestanding roller or a radial-cut cruising chute flown from a spinnaker snuffer.

The living accommodations are innovative and quite large, which is no mean feet in a smaller cruising cat. The afterdeck or back porch is wide and comfortable with a walk through to the stern sections. The mainsheet runs to a track on the Targa arch over the aft end of the cockpit, where it is out of the way; the arch also can support davits and a unique stowage system inside the arch for the folding saloon doors. The doors, which fold open when in use, can be hoisted into the Targa arch or make the afterdeck and the saloon one huge living space – talk about swinging a cat inside a cat.

The owner’s stateroom in the port hull has an island double berth so you never have to climb over your bedmate to get in or out. Two guest cabins are in the starboard hull fore and aft with the in-line galley between. With the galley down three steps in the starboard hull, room is left in the saloon for a huge lounge and a small chart table.

The Seawind 1160 is a pleasant boat to be aboard since its interior spaces are open and inviting and its sailing characteristics are very good. The combined cockpit and saloon make the boat feel much larger than it is. For more information contact Seawind USA, in San Diego, Calif., at 619- 571-3513.

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