Morris 42

Morris 42 • Morris Yachts on Mount Desert Island, Maine, has been building top-quality, semi-custom yachts since 1972 whose pleasing lines and sailing ability draw stares in every harbor they enter. Last year Morris took a break from the ocean-capable cruisers for which they are well known and set their sights close to home with the launch of the sweet M36 daysailer based on a classic Olin Stephens’ sloop. While plans are in the works to expand the daysailer line with the M42 to be launched in 2006, Morris returned their gaze to the distant horizon and worked on their newest ocean cruiser.

Based on the successful 1995 MY40, the new Chuck Paine–designed MY42 offers greater length on deck and on the waterline while maintaining the traditional Morris lines with counter transom and spoon bow. The Paine/Morris bulb keel provides a modest five-foot, three-inch draft, making most gunkholes within reach and giving you flexibility in a crowded anchorage. The engine, batteries, galley and nav station are kept on a plane athwartships to minimize pitching and enhance sailing performance. Unlike some of the modern cruisers that might be accused of suffering from middle-age spread with their max beam carried well into the aft section, the MY42 tapers to a trim transom. With a D/L of 235 and a SA/D of 16.9, the MY42 is a moderate-displacement cruiser that will sail well and attract envious looks in the occasional race

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